RB ResortBookings Ltd.

Travel Agent Commission Processing

Maintaining accurate records regarding travel agent commissions can be a headache! RB ResortBookings Ltd. will handle the payment of all travel agent commissions that your property has incurred. Paying each travel agent in their native currency, and logging each and every transaction; we strive to insure that accurate and up-to-date payments reach the travel agents increasing the likelihood of repeat business.

Utilizing WPS, RB ResortBookings Ltd. processes travel agent commissions on a monthly basis for all reservations booked via the GDS.

Brand Awareness

RB ResortBookings Ltd. has worked hard since its inception to build a strong and recognizable brand with travel agents worldwide. With our own chain code, ON, travel agents can easily and quickly distinguish RB ResortBookings Ltd. properties from other properties in the area.

Travel Agents

For assistance with Travel Agent Commission payment, please contact the corporate office:

RB ResortBookings Ltd.
Staldenstrasse 58
3920 Zermatt