RB ResortBookings Ltd.

GDS Distribution & Connectivity

Providing distribution to the industry's largest travel outlets since 1992, RB ResortBookings Ltd. maximizes the reach of your property worldwide. Utilizing our next generation seamless connectivity to all of the major Global Distribution System companies - Sabre, Galileo, Amadeus & Worldspan - your property will be distributed to over 600,000 travel agents worldwide. Combined with distribution to the ever growing internet demographic via the Pegasus ODDr, reaching over 1,000 travel website, your property will reach maximum exposure.

GDS Marketing

Via our partnerships with the GDS companies, we can provide your property with various marketing opportunities to help your property stand out in your local market place. We will work directly with the Global Distribution Systems you wish to advertise on and insure that your listing is promptly listed. From sign on messages, "featured properties" and beyond, RB ResortBookings Ltd. will provide the highest level of marketing available to your property.

GDS Partners: Worldspan, Galileo, Amadeus, Pegasus and Sabre